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Discord IP Resolver: How to Get Someone’s IP From Discord

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“Some jackass is threatening to find my IP from discord & track me down. Obviously, he’s an idiot and I gave no credit for this. But I’m wondering, is it even possible? To find a discord users IP address?” – From a Reddit User

Is it possible to get someone’s IP from Discord?

Is it possible to get someone’s IP from Discord? No, unless you are sending data to that person directly, you can’t know their IP address. Also, it is illegal to hack someone’s IP address and please don’t do that.

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What Is A Discord IP Resolver and How Does It Work?

A Discord IP resolver is a tool that finds the IP address of a certain user.

However, you cannot get someone’s IP from discord using Wireshark. In addition, there is no Discord IP resolver can help you to get discord IP address from others. Don’t believe in any discord IP finder tools on the internet.

How to Find Someone’s IP Address

There are a few different reasons why you might want to find someone’s IP address. Maybe you need to create a secure connection between two devices or allow someone access to your business’s network. Perhaps you want to block an IP address or blacklist a device while remaining anonymous. Or maybe you want to trace someone online to find the person’s physical location.

If you need to find someone’s IP address, you can ask them for it. Searching “What’s my IP” on Google pulls up the information, allowing someone to copy and paste the address to you.

If you want to find a website IP address, just use the command prompt on Windows devices. The only thing you need to do is to open the command prompt and on the DOS screen, type “ping” <space> “the address of the website you want to trace” and then hit enter.

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How to IP Ban Someone in Discord?

In discord, all bans are automatically IP-based. This means that as soon as you ban someone from your Discord server, no one using that particular IP address will be able to enter. Here is how to IP ban someone in Discord.

  1. Launch Discord from either the desktop app, mobile app, or https://www.discordapp.com.
  2. You’ll need to sign in with your credentials to access the server.
  3. Once logged in, select the server from along the left side of the screen. They will be listed there starting just below the Discord icon located at the top.
  4. Locate the user you want to ban from the server by clicking on the channel they are currently in.
  5. You should be able to see the members who are in the VoIP channels just by looking at the main panel. To find members in text chat channels, you’ll have to click on them.
  6. When you find the user, either in the VoIP channel or text, right-click that user’s name to pull up a menu.
  7. From the menu, at the bottom, you should see Ban (username). Left-click this to bring up another dialog box.
  8. The pop-up will ask you to confirm your decision to ban the user.
  9. Click Ban to confirm and permanently remove that user’s IP address from having access to your Discord server.

Final Words

Don’t try to hack someone’s IP address from Discord. In contrast, others cannot know your IP address from Discord unless you tell them. However, when you click some links from others, you may expose your IP address. So, don’t click the link sent by strangers.

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